Year End Top 100: 2016 – 80 to 71

80 – Let Me Love You by DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber’s prominence continues in 2016 due to his features. So much has changed. Everything he touches now turns into gold. I remember in the past he would collaborate with the likes of Sean Kingston and everyone thought he was a joke. Now, he’s an Album of the Year nominee at the Grammy Awards. Maybe the Baha Men can make a comeback.

79 – Controlla by Drake


Nerd alert! The first thing that came to mind was a financial controller when I heard the title. But guys, let’s get real. This is Drake. Who cares about numbers?! “Controlla” is mild, understated and reserved hip-hop. That’s the way I like my Drake.

78 – Clumsy by Britney Spears


It’s a disappointment Britney has not yet released “Clumsy”. It’s definitely a step-up from “Make Me…” The trajectory of her comeback would’ve probably not changed but more as a note to all who have lost their faith in Britney – she can still produce decent material.

77 – We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth featuring Selena Gomez


I know this is intended for bitter exes but this song applies perfectly to social gatherings, especially dinners, when people don’t talk anymore. One of my pet peeves (with myself as well) is when we spend more time on the phone than with people who chose to be situated exactly where you are! We have lost the battle of living in the moment! Let’s remember Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez’ contribution on changing social relationships for the better!

76 – i hate u, i love u by gnash featuring Olivia O’Brien


Let’s ignore the use of shortcuts for a minute and focus on the content. I’m surprised it didn’t take off as well as “Somebody That I Used to Know” considering how similar they sound. In any case, for all of those that have been bipolar in their affection for someone they love or even work they despise at times, this one’s for you!

75 – Brand New by Ben Rector


If you ever need a track to boost your mood, or make you feel like you can change its depressing course, “Brand New” should be your jam. Keep in mind it’s all temporary, just like Ben Rector’s career. Kidding!!!

74 – Berlin Got Blurry by Parquet Courts


This was one of my discoveries from midyear reviews of critics. I got drawn in because of its upbeat vibe. And now having looked into what it is about, I like it even more knowing the lyrics connote something completely unhappy. In any case, give Parquet Courts a chance! Much like the reality series The Voice and how they are completely blind to the artist singing, simply listen to their music and you might discover something awesome! Maybe not.

73 – A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay


Coldplay’s sound has evolved so much that people refer to their new material as “Newplay” and the older ones as “Oldplay”. What has not changed is their intent on creating anthems that arenas would sing to – “Viva La Vida”, “Yellow” and “Paradise”. I imagine the title track from Coldplay’s latest album was crafted with this intent. It will not be the case but it doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable. I’d take this over  “Hymn for the Weekend” any day of the week, Saturdays and Sundays included.

72 – Ophelia by The Lumineers


One of the bigger injustices in the music industry today is how under the radar The Lumineers has been. Okay, it’s not half of your life. But listening to them should be at least a step forward. “Ho Hey” was great but the group is no “one-quality-wonder”. Maybe they are a “one-hit-wonder” but we are better than to simply dismiss them as that.

71 – Into You by Ariana Grande


As opposed to “Dangerous Woman” and “Side to Side”, “Into You” sounds like a leftover track from her previous album. In my humble opinion, her recent album release lacks a theme for outsiders to identify or for fans to rally around. She has left me no clue as to her identity as an artist! (I am sure she gives no f*** about mine!). It doesn’t mean for a second that I don’t enjoy it though.

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