Year End Top 100: 2016 – 70 to 61

70 – Me Too by Meghan Trainor


Would you want to be Meghan Trainor? If you ask me, no… But let’s dissect her music for a minute.

With her sophomore album, she seems to have taken on a less mature and more playful sound. It reminds me of Avril Lavigne and her Benjamin Button days – when she regressed from “Complicated” to “Girlfriend” in a span of three albums. Nothing takes away the fact that its addictive and plays to our corrupt nature of thinking people want to be us. But do they not want to be?

69 – My Way by Calvin Harris


You were probably expecting a breakup song that would try to tear down Taylor Swift. And given his breakdown on Twitter, no one can blame you. But he would not give us that satisfaction and instead came up with a track that probably references Taylor Swift, but we cannot be too sure. There was nothing explicit for the media, or us gossip mongers, to make a fuss of. He features his vocals, a rare but welcomed occurrence. There are other things we’d rather him feature.

68 – Fade by Kanye West


Kanye West is crazy. But his music is crazy good as well. The video gets a similar treatment to “I’m Glad” by Jennifer Lopez – heavily inspired by the movie “Flashdance”. At the end of the video, we get a glimpse of Teyana Taylor lying on her husband, while she turns into a cat. Let’s not try to rationalize it. It was just WEIRD.

67 – The Greatest by Sia featuring Kendrick Lamar


I have nothing but respect for artists who create tributes, regardless  of how tacky or trashy it ends up being, or the opportunistic intent that haters associate it with. But I never knew that about “The Greatest” until I looked it up trying to come up with a commentary for this list. What made it amazing were two respected artists collaborating and making magic as expected. And finally seeing the video and making sense of the lyrics in the context of the Orlando shootings just increased my affinity to this gem and high regard for the two.

66 – Daddy Lessons by Beyonce


When the Dixie Chicks performed this with Beyonce at the 2016 CMA Awards, it generated a lot of buzz and controversy. The performance was nothing short of spectacular and one of 2016’s most memorable musical events. Some questioned whether it constituted “authentic country music”. Honestly though, is that question even worth answering? Should it not be whether this music is worth listening to? The answer is a resounding yes.

65 – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele


Adele will never match “21”. She knows it. We know it. In any case, we would all be lucky to be half the musical genius she is. In no way does it signify the end of her making music that connects and resonates. She made “21” about breakups and “25” about make-ups. The latter subject I feel is perfectly embodied by “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”. I wonder what her next album could be about. If she can pull off EDM, she would be the “Meryl Streep of Music”.

64 – Unsteady by X Ambassadors


I’m lucky enough to not be a part of a broken family. And I could never fully understand a child desperately wanting his parents to stay together. I’m blown away that these were just songs and movies years ago and I now belong to a generation that is faced with this decision everyday. My affection for “Unsteady” no way represents my view on failed relationships. At the end of the day, there will be no acceptable excuse for bad parenting, whether as a couple intact or two individuals apart.

63 – Gold by Kiiara


You could have easily mistaken it as  another Lorde release. But the difference is, I could barely make out what she is saying without having to search for the lyrics online. It means nothing though as it’s a bit complicated to memorize. It didn’t matter with Rihanna’s “Work” or Missy Elliott’s “Work It”, why should it matter with “Gold”?

62 – Talk by DJ Snake featuring George Maple


This has to be one of the underrated EDM tracks to come out of 2016. It’s EDM  but with the right dosage – nothing too “in-your-face-let’s-get-wild-tonight-and-break-this-club”. To my surprise, this was playing at the Starbucks coffee shop near my office. And you don’t get to hear them choose EDM tracks often, if at all.

61 – Party by Chris Brown featuring Gucci Mane and Usher


The under-appreciation of Chris Brown’s artistry is well-deserved. What I cannot wrap my mind around is how far Usher and his mighty star has fallen. “New Flame” was delicious but “Party” is badass. Beautiful things can come even from the worst of us.

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