Playlist: Pop Myths

I cannot blame artists (or their producers) for romanticizing and idealizing human experiences. However, we must stay vigilant and discerning! Not all tunes are rational and realistic. Some of these are meant to be figures of speech or intended to inspire, but clarity is key. Here are 15 truths pop music wants you to believe in but shouldn’t.

Love Will Keep Us Alive by The Eagles

If you’re a hopeless romantic, thinking about running away from home, marrying the love of your life and begin being unemployed, don’t… be stupid! It will not only destroy your relationship but will ensure you die.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

If a building falls on you and by the will of the gods you survive, you’re likely not stronger – alive but definitely weaker.

Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

I’d imagine a Versace would cost a fortune and I can never understand how Bruno Mars expects you to leave it on the floor. What if it gets stains or a dog pees on it?

Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

You have to wipe it with tissue or your skin will absorb it. Either way, effort is required. Even in real life, it takes a lot of work to rid yourself of all the residual emotions a heartbreak leaves you with.

Karma by Alicia Keys

I’ve witnessed how the worst of this race continue to thrive in wealth, escape justice they rightfully deserve and perpetuate a systemic oppression that will take generations to reverse! And some of them end up being given a hero’s burial.

10,000 Promises by Backstreet Boys

I know people break promises all the time… I just never imagined it could reach 10,000.

Nobody Wants to Be Lonely by Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera

Actually, some people do and that’s okay.

Diamonds by Rihanna

Diamonds do not shine. They merely reflect lights.

Black or White by Michael Jackson

The sad truth – it does matter but it shouldn’t.

Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony

What does a sledgehammer feel like? Seriously…

The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten

The tide is high but you’re holding on… Like to a surfboard?

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Not only do we know that they didn’t burn any of that money but it would’ve made more sense to donate it to charity.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

I can’t even walk five miles, let alone a thousand.

Love on Top by Beyonce

The consistent notes she is able to belt out is just impossible for any artist, even herself, to replicate.

Payphone by Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa

For one second, do any of us believe that Adam Levine used a payphone, especially in 2012?

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