2017 Music: Heatstroke by Calvin Harris feat. Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams and Young Thug

Imagine for a moment being free from your corporate job, having no need to pay your bills and escaping the growingly connected but increasingly lonely life. As that will never be a reality, you at least have Calvin Harris’ Heatstroke for a brief suspension of disbelief.

It’s summer and we all need a break from the busy city life we live. You can enjoy nature’s beauty (or its man-made beauty if you prefer). For a change, Calvin brings the calm and not the party.

His music has come a long way. From the heavy beats of Sweet Nothing to the inescapable build up of We Found Love, his style has toned down and this round relatively stripped. Newcomer Young Thug brings new flavor and slick verses, Pharrell’s calm demeanor dictate the song’s energy and Ariana controls her mighty vocals, ushering in together the anthem that will make the coming heat bearable and even worth anticipating.

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