2017 Music: Everything Now by Arcade Fire

I have not written new material for this website in over a month. It wasn’t for the lack of time. I’ve had plenty since I decided that working until midnight and working on weekends were not good for my well being. But I lost the passion and could not find the inspiration even if I set aside time. It was not until I listened in on my 2017 playlist, about to enter snooze territory, when the shuffle function decided to bless me with Arcade Fire’s Everything Now.

The song reminded me of why I began the One Man Anthem journey. I sound like a loser but I’ll admit that I get a kick out of having friends convinced when I make my music recommendations. And it would be a big injustice if Everything Now is not shared with the rest of the world.

Everything Now is a social commentary on our generation’s desire for instant gratification and having the world at our fingertips. And the magic is that you get both upon listening to the track, even on its first 10 seconds. Not only do we have an alternative band playing to what can be construed as prom disco music for our parents, but it is a joyous and festive rendition of this regrettable tragedy.

Think of Capital Cities’ Safe and Sound meets Abba’s Dancing Queen. You get nostalgic as you listen to a sound reminiscent of the distant past and the memories that go along with it. It’s likely high school years that pop into your head when problems were as petty as teenage crushes and deplorable fashion tastes. Music can never be untangled from experiences. And throwback beats like this one give us an opportunity to relive parts of our life when everything used to be simple and worry-free. Of course, none of us knew better back then.

Arcade Fire’s Everything Now is our window to the past and a clear reflection of our present. It is a refreshing and welcome break from all the EDM and hip-hop music thrown our way.


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