2017 Music: Rain by The Script

I’m in a coffee shop, writing this review and listening to Rain on my earphones. My head, shoulders and hips are moving along with the beat, unembarrassed by the awkward dancing I’m subjecting people to witness. That’s how infectious the latest single from The Script is!

The second verse at the beginning of the track and the bridge both scream Ed Sheeran. But when Danny gets into his falsetto, you can sense a build-up, like the single is going into something glorious and different. It evolves into a dance anthem that moves their music in a completely new direction. It is a liberty they are taking to progress and survive in today’s competitive landscape.

But none of it feels formulaic. While they are exploring a popular territory, the emotions attached with their signature songs are still injected. Even the video that you’d normally associate with Enrique Iglesias or Britney Spears feels right.

I’ve watched them once in a concert and I am 100% certain that this song will be a good moment for the band and the audience to connect, especially during the chorus. I’m already picturing people chanting.

I’m getting ahead of myself but if the first single from their latest album is any indication, it’s going to be a great year for the band. I’ve never been this excited for their return, since, well… since ever.

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