Concert Etiquette

Back in the 80s, there was a belief that video will kill the radio star. Fast forward to today, the concert experience is in danger of extinction. Here are 10 annoying trends from the last decade that we should loudly reject

1 – When a fan becomes the official director of the tour video

If it’s not obvious yet, an iPhone or an SLR, even when amplified by a zillion megapixels, will still pale in comparison to the footage captured by camera men officially tasked with documenting the concert. That is their job and yours is to enjoy the show!

2 – You have a right to take videos or capture photos, except when you don’t and it becomes COMPLETELY ANNOYING


Some people like me are vertically challenged. Why make it worse? You raise hands because your idols scream “Put your hands up in the air” and not because you enjoy being a douche and getting a kick out of people going berserk.

3 – Pre-sale for fan clubs, credit card members and corporate sponsors who never gave a damn until supporting gave them money!

I have benefited from this injustice. But it’s because I was not going to be cheated by a system that has betrayed me and everything I stand for! Much like human rights, access should be equal for all. There are inherent limitations such as differences in wealth, but injecting exclusives certainly do not constitute a step forward.

4 – Maybe Satan does have a reincarnation and he/she comes in the form of a reseller

There are many jobs I find honorable. This isn’t one of them! They compromise a genuine supporter’s dream. They also profit from the torture of uncertainty that displaced fans are subjected to.

5 – No one enjoys lining up. So the solution is NOT to cut and make it more miserable than it already is.


Be it in Standing VIP or General Admission, no one should cut the queue! You should reap the benefits of the sleep you’ve foregone, scent you’ve acquired and the job you missed. I’m not confrontational. But boy do I enjoy it when someone is and sticks it to him/her. You see the stress on guilty and undeserving faces.

6 – Random re-layout during the show itself, but mostly because I don’t do well in them

It is inevitable. Or is it? With better planning and forecasting, I hope this happens less frequently, if at all. They decide to let people from the back forward. No issues! But it should be orderly and fair!

7 – Pushing and squeezing your way to the front


If you’ve ever been in standing areas, it’s not glamorous. People’s odors are the worst, you hold in pee, you starve to death and you have to bear with your claustrophobia or end up developing it. But you rationalize the sacrifice because there is a greater good. But when people push you to the limit (literally), you feel pain (literally). And the law of impenetrability does not change just because it’s a concert.

8 – Reserved random seating, whatever that means

This lottery within reserved seating does not make sense. Your artist might never visit again and you deserve to die by your own rules. If you choose the wrong seat, at least, it’s on you!

9 – Checking privilege, especially to the non – fans


If coming to the concert seems like a chore, you’re better off giving away that ticket. Special mention to people who bitch, and moan, and complain, or could not be bothered to give a damn. It is two hours of your life you will never get back and two hours of someone who could have lived his/her dream.

10 – There are many things you can’t control. But you can dictate what comes out of your mouth.

If you and a friend intend on catching up, concerts are probably not ideal. Not only are you competing with the sound system, but also with the thousands singing along or digesting the amazing show in front of them. You are adding noise to what would otherwise be beautiful music. Go to a coffee shop! Heck, a coffee shop doesn’t deserve you! Go home.

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