Playlist: Angry Mornings

The biggest challenges EVERY. SINGLE. DAY:

  • Having the courage to wake up and not pressing snooze on the alarm
  • Limiting phone activity to important updates – cute dog photos and snapshots of last night’s party do NOT count
  • Leaving your comfortable mattress, white sheets and heavenly comforter and pillows and immediately taking a shower

Here are 15 tracks to help you get out of bed and get your mood ready to face the day.

Bangarang by Skrillex featuring Sirah

The biggest luxury of adult life is sleep. Abandoning the bed requires tremendous will power. The guitar riffs at the beginning of “Bangarang”, followed by a full blown EDM number, provide us the required energy to override the laziness and defeatist attitude programmed in our system.

Believer by Imagine Dragons

The morning is dull and unexciting. Getting breakfast and taking a shower – how can these moments be memorable and eventful? Doing these activities with “Believer” in the background gives you adrenaline. It heightens my senses and makes this time a bit more intense and a lot more vibrant.

Funhouse by Pink

Pink is badass! She’s the embodiment of frustration and anger being transformed into meaningful and beautiful music. Getting up may never become a happy choice. But a theme song that pushes you off the bed and gives you the belief that you can decimate everything in your way helps.

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

I might have gone overboard in depicting mornings as an enemy that must be quashed at all costs. That’s only because I’m not a productive morning creature. “Hollaback Girl” is an anthem helping you deal with the shit that’s about to come. While the rest of the world could not be bothered, a cheerleader on your earphones may give you what you need to deal with what’s about to come.

HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

When things go wrong, we portray ourselves as victims of a broken system. But that can be turned around by placing mornings in their right place – the place where we make them work for us instead of being a slave to them. “Humble” gets me into beast mode. It gives me the narrative I’m superior to everything else, even my inner demons.

The Pretender by The Foo Fighters

One line in the “The Pretender” is inspired by a line the childhood show Sesame Street. The latter is your TV alter ego 20 years back while the former is your anthem 20 years later – a person jaded, full of rage and unwilling to deal with the crap that’s thrown your way.

Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas

Pump It” could easily be mistaken as a recording made for a Quentin Tarantino film. The sound is a ball of energy building up, accumulating and waiting to be released. Once you get on an exciting and gruesome battle filled with lots of bloodshed, it unleashes. I can already hear this playing in my head as I get up that elevator.

Son of a Gun by Janet Jackson featuring Carly Simon and Missy Elliott

Having figured out what makes waking up tough is a way of decreasing anxiety and uneasiness. A lot of times, a single person is the cause of the stress and frustration. Janet Jackson has put it in a song! Then, she puts the irrelevant and inconsequential to their right places.

Stronger by Kanye West

Kanye has gone overboard with his cockiness and ego. But he serves as inspiration in the confidence and resilience department. If you lack self-esteem, learn a thing or two from the rapper. Attitude and spunk are areas we need to beef up on if we are to conquer and dominate.

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

Preparing for work is preparing for war! For a time, Fall Out Boy fell out of the public’s favour. But their comeback geared us up for battle and gave us ammunition to defend our castle and conquer the other kingdoms. It’s better to be exaggerate and be prepared than be left defeated and powerless.

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

I’m a 90s kid so I excuse myself every time there’s a classic I haven’t listened to. When I watched Thor: Ragnarok, one of the highlights was the final battle scene in Asgard. Without a soundtrack, the fight would still be memorable. But the Led Zeppelin track’s inclusion made it epic and legendary.

Love It If We Made It by the 1975

There’s so much shit in the world right now that a song was bound to emerge from it. “Love It If We Made It” by the 1975 acknowledges these realities. You can hear the reflection and anger from Matty Healy’s voice. But his vocals are perfectly complimented with hopeful lyrics and an understated melody.

This Fire by Franz Ferdinand

In 2004, Franz Ferdinand brought punk rock back to mainstream. Theirs was the sound of rebellion and fun. “This Fire” serves anarchy but is intended for the dancefloor. Uncontrollable anger transformed into pleasurable energy is a day job if you are to stay alive in this lifetime.

Faint by Linkin Park

Linkin Park used to be the face of teenage angst. Instrumental to their success was the contrast between Mike Shinoda’s rapping and Chester Bennington’s vocals which were full of fury and rage. There’s no better song from the band to showcase how they turned into the voice of a generation.

I Think I’m Paranoid by Garbage

I can understand why we have the urge to control our anger and win over our daily battles. But sometimes, the feeling of just giving in is overwhelming and the easier choice is rage. Garbage gave adrenaline that neither coffee nor tea can ever match. Shirley Manson is a rock god that the younger generation will never know of.

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