Year End Top 100: 2018 – 60 to 51

60 – FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie’s “FRIENDS” has to be the first official theme song of friend zone since the term’s inception. And to make sure the single takes off, she uses one of the oldest tricks in the record books – spell out words in the lyrics, similar to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” and Fergie’s “Fergalicious”. To top it all off, her sound managed to rule over Marshmello’s. The track felt like a pop tune than an EDM one.

59 – Done for Me by Charlie Puth featuring Kehlani

I feel Charlie Puth is going through a tough time. The rage and bitterness he has been harbouring is apparent. The tracks “Attention” and “How Long” showed this. Now, the emotions have culminated into a confrontation in “Done for Me”. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all these pop songs from the singer. Who doesn’t want an angry anthem every now and then? I just hope everything’s fine.

58 – Delicate by Taylor Swift

If “Delicate” was released earlier, or the time was 2017, this single would’ve probably made my top 10. After all, I ranked the song as my 2nd favourite album track last year. But months have passed and only then did “Delicate” hit the radio and streaming. Earlier, many were not pleased with the excessively vengeful Taylor. But this track is a reminder of the excellent songwriting she’s capable of and her capacity to make it about the music.

57 – Familiar by Liam Payne featuring J Balvin

Among all the members of One Direction, I was most disappointed at Liam Payne’s debut single. “Strip That Down” was an active effort to turn around a wholesome image, which in my view, felt gimmicky and artificial. With “Familiar”, the transition seems more natural and less forced. I have a hard time taking the chorus out of my head, the beat is smooth and the lyrics aren’t cringeworthy (or maybe because some aren’t in English).

56 – Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

If “Want You Back” didn’t convince you that 5 Seconds of Summer has taken on a different sound, then “Youngblood’ should do the job. If I were to describe the shift, “She Looks so Perfect” is for a Disney Channel concert while “Youngblood” would be for a Billboard music festival. The audience of Billboard isn’t rock but adult enough. I’m happy the band has newfound success when the world was ready to write them off.

55 – Taki Taki by DJ Snake featuring Cardi B, Ozuna and Selena Gomez

If you revisit DJ Snake’s discography, there are two things you will realise. 1 – There are smash hits you do not associate with him but he’s responsible for (“Turn Down for What”, “Middle” and “Let Me Love You”). 2 – The infusion of Latin music in his recent singles is a complete turnaround from the past few years. For the record, I’m not complaining.

54 – Sad! by XXXTentacion

The amount of vulnerability XXXTentacion displayed in his music, especially in “Sad!” can be worrying. The style reminds me of Linkin Park’s last studio album. But no one knew a robbery, coupled with murder, would be the reason for XXXTentacion’s passing. At such a young age, his death was an unexpected and unnecessary. “Sad!” will remain a reminder to the industry and the fans of the talent we lost.

53 – Party for One by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is an artist your friends will hate you for not liking. And they have a good reason to admire her. The kind of pop tunes she creates are not only infectious. But they sound pure and untainted. “Party for One” is no track from E-MO-TION. But her capacity to make a sad situation seem so cheerful and upbeat continues in her comeback single.

52 – I Like Me Better by LAUV

This track is another addition to the list of wedding songs that couples can use on their big day. The track is cheesy and corny. But the romantic in me still digs “I Like Me Better”. What is the true test of the person you want to end up with? If you ask me, it’s someone who makes you a better version of yourself. Okay. Let’s end this. I’m puking as I type this write-up.

51 – Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD

The downfall of most rap songs is the inability of the general public to comprehend the artist’s vision. Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” aids in this area and takes the entire track to an entirely mystical dimension. The melody gives the audience an opportunity to contemplate and immerse in Juice WRLD’s mind. There’s misery and devastation in every word he utters. The delivery makes the emotions feel real and visceral. Overall, it proves great songs defy genres.


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