2017 Music: Wall of Glass by Liam Gallagher

Among British pop acts of this generation, Oasis has been a point of convergence for many of music’s consumers. No one is embarrassed to admit they like Oasis or it isn’t cool to hate on them. We often find ourselves singing to Wonderwall at 3 in the morning, even if it’s a prime night club. And the latest Manchester benefit brought in nostalgia when Chris Martin belted out the timely masterpiece Don’t Look Back in Anger. 

It’s a tragedy that disorder and chaos ensued between the Gallagher brothers and no reunion is in sight. But lead vocalist Liam is coming out with his solo debut album and Wall of Glass is our first peak into it. It’s painful that less know about the Gallagher than the Payne going his own direction.

Offhand, you will not find a man breaking out of his shell. There is no disconnect between his sound and the public persona he projects. This is one resurrected, armed and confident, ready to own the stage.

If you do not know the backstory of Oasis, and listened to this alongside their entire catalog, you might even mistake it as a band effort. Of course, the sound is grander, amplified by its heavy guitar riffs, use of harmonica and the build-up care of the drums. He’s also now working with Adele’s producer Greg Kurstin and had to employ lyrics like “You were sold the one direction”. If you can look past that, and hear how his vocals remain unchanged through the years and how it continues to dominate the track, it makes you feel like you’re back in his glory days.

Overall, it’s a sound that’s been missing from 2017 and has been stuck too long in decades past. I’d rather have the brothers together, but I welcome one than none at all.

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